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Natali Pier Giorgio

E-mail: natalipg2002@yahoo.it

Pier Giorgio Natali received his MD degree from "La Sapienza" University in Rome and completed his education with diplomas from ECFMG and the Board of American Medical Laboratory Immnunology and advanced training in immunopathology at The Scripps Clinic Research Fnd.S.Diego,USA. He joined in the early 70ties the "Regina Elena" National Cancer Institute, the oldest (1935) Comprehensive Cancer Center in Italy. Here through combined laboratory and clinical studies he shaped his profound interest in translational medicine which has been the hall mark of his scientific production in oncology, including the areas of prevention and public awareness. At the time of his chairmanship as Scientific Director (1995-2001) of the "Regina Elena" Institute, he strongly supported "intra moenia" and territorial prevention activities launching a massive program for the prevention of sun-light related risks in the regional elementary schools which has been later adopted and awarded internationally. The initiated the activities of the first Italian center for prevention of oral cavity tumors in a comprehensive cancer center. He has been President of the Italian Cancer Society. He is presently Chairman of the Early Tumor Diagnosis Program Team of the Italian League Against Cancer and highly active in the Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control (MTCC). Dr. Natali has published over 350 studies with high Citation Index. He belongs to the Advisory Board of the "CR Journal" edited by the American Association for Cancer Research addressing public awareness, advocacy and long cancer survivor issues.

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