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1 October 2015

Death of Fellow Professor Massimo Crespi 28 September 2015

Massimo Crespi passed away on 28 September 2015, two weeks after a diagnosis of lung cancer. He was a physician who devoted his professional life to the prevention, screening and early detection of cancer.

Professor Crespi earned a degree in Medicine at the University of Rome in 1959. After hospital training and specializations in Gastroenterology and Metabolic and Liver Diseases at the same institution, he joined the National Cancer Institute Regina Elena in Rome where he established the new Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Service. In 1980, Professor Crespi's interests shifted to oncology and under his chairmanship a new department was created at Regina Elena. This new "Cancer Detection Center" encompassed the whole spectrum of cancer prevention from epidemiology to six specialized units devoted to cancer screening. A fruitful collaboration between the Center and the International Agency for Research on Cancer led to research in Iran, China, South America and Africa focused on the multi-factorial etiology of esophageal cancer. Dr. Crespi became a leading figure in the international arena of gastroenterology as President of the World Organization of Digestive Endoscopy and Chair of the United European Gastroenterology Federation. He was also awarded Honorary Fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians in London and elected as a Governor of the American College of Gastroenterology. Professor Crespi remained devoted to the promotion of prevention and screening in retirement serving as the Secretary General of the Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control.

Professor Crespi participated actively in the Collegium Ramazzini since his election in 1983, serving multiple terms on the Executive Council. He lent his expertise and leadership to the creation of the Collegium's 12th official statement entitled "Cancer Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis, the Neglected Side of Cancer Control: A Call for Action" and was awarded in 2008 the academy's prestigious Ramazzini Award for his scientific and institutional contribution to the prevention, screening and early detection of cancer.

Massimo was a true follower of Bernardino Ramazzini and set an example as an innovator in preventive medicine. His contributions in the field of detection and prevention of gastrointestinal cancer aided the protection of public health around the world.

9 September 2015

Report on Collegium Ramazzini 2015 summer courses: Munich, Bangkok and Brescia

Three international courses on Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Health were successfully held this summer under the auspices of the Collegium Ramazzini: i) the summer course "Teaching interventions crossing borders" from 30 July to 7 August at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, Germany (Radon et al., 2009); ii) the "Advanced International Training Course in Occupational and Environmental Health", held 17-22 August at the Chulabhorn Research Institute in Bangkok, Thailand; iii) and the summer course "Occupational and Environmental Determinants of Diseases: a multidisciplinary approach as a key for prevention", held 31 August to 4 September at the University of Brescia, Italy.

In addition to high-quality, hands-on training in occupational health and safety, these courses provide unique opportunities for networking among OHS professionals from both HICs and LMICS and for developing approaches to continuing education that extend beyond the courses. Students and faculty attending the three courses were invited to join an electronic discussion group that will follow up on various aspects approached during the courses, such as the situation of OHS services coverage and organization, workers benefits and compensation, ratification and implementation of ILO and WHO policies, preventive intervention in hazardous waste sites.

To provide an opportunity for young OHS professionals to publish their work in a peer-reviewed journal, students and faculty participating in the above courses were also invited to submit publications reflecting OHS issues in their countries in a special issue of the Annals of Global Health, specifically dedicated to Occupational Global Health. The current issue of the Annals is first issue of the journal in this new annual series. Participating fellows of the Collegium were Philip Landrigan, Roberto Lucchini, Melissa Mc Diarmid, Khunying Mathuros Ruchirawat, Dennis Nowak, William Suk.

Radon K, Ehrenstein V, Bigaignon-Cantineau J, Vellore AD, Fingerhut M, Nowak D; Occupational Health Crossing Borders Summer School. Occupational health crossing borders - part 1: concept, teaching methods, and user evaluation of the first international summer school in Munich, Germany. Am J Ind Med. 2009 Oct;52(10):774-81

1 September 2015

Symposium on Perspectives In Global Environmental Health in Rome, Italy 21 October 2015

The Collegium Ramazzini, together with the Istituto Superiore di Sanita' (ISS) and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health in Contaminated Sites will host a day-long symposium on "Perspectives In Global Environmental Health".

The meeting will be held at ISS on 21 October 2015. Speakers from the Collegium Ramazzini include: Fiorella Belpoggi (Italy), Pietro Comba (Italy), Massimo Crespi (Italy), Rodney Ehrlich (South Africa), Francesco Forastiere (Italy), Raul Harari (Ecuador), Richard Jackson (USA), Melissa McDiarmid (USA), Pier Giorgio Natali (Italy) and Morando Soffritti (Italy). The event program may be downloaded here.

The event is open to the public. Due to limited seating, interested participants are asked to send an email to the Scientific Secretariat c/o Fellow Pietro Comba.

22 July 2015

Report on MNUMS and CR Conference held in Ulaanbaatar, MN June 2015

The Mongolian National University of Medical Science (MNUMS) and the Collegium Ramazzini (CR) organized a Conference on Occupational and Environmental Health in Construction and Mining Sectors on 22-24 June 2015 in Ulaanbaatar, MN. The audience of approximately 70 included representatives from the Mongolian Construction and Mining sectors, NGOs, labor and Mongolian Government including the Ministry of Labor.

The Mongolian National University of Medical Science (MNUMS) and the Collegium Ramazzini (CR) organized a Conference on Occupational and Environmental Health in Construction and Mining Sectors on 22-24 June 2015 in Ulaanbaatar, MN. The audience of approximately 70 included representatives from the Mongolian Construction and Mining sectors, NGOs, labor and Mongolian Government including the Ministry of Labor.

Participating CR Fellows included: Arthur Frank, Carol Rice, Morando Soffritti, Margrit von Braun, and Denny Dobbin. CR Fellow Knut Ringen helped substantially with conference planning, especially on the Construction Sector part of the program, and submitted a paper on the Principles of Occupational Safety and Injury Prevention, that was read at the conference. Also participating from abroad were Ian von Lindern, Casey Bartrem, Tom Gassert, Elke Brinkmann and Petr Sharov.

As international guests at the MNUMS, we were enthusiastic about the potential of helping with occupational and environmental health problems there to supplement recent activities by CR Fellow Ellen Silbergeld and Johns Hopkins University through their Fogarty grant. CR Fellow Ken Takahashi from Japan has students from Mongolia and our colleagues from the Korea OSHA have given technical support and training over the past several years. Elke Brinkmann is a German Occupational Physician who has just started with the Mongolian Occupational Health Research Center, and is supported by GIZ the German development agency.

Conference topics covered: 1) Development of Occupational and Environmental Health in Mongolia; 2) Principles of Occupational and Environmental Health; 3) OSH in the Construction Sector in Mongolia; 4) OSH in Mining Sector in Mongolia; 5) Protecting Communities With Respect to Mining Waste Management and Remediation in Mongolia. Small-group discussion was held among participants to develop recommendations for action plans for next steps for OSH in Construction and Mining Sectors in Mongolia.

Recommendations were made regarding actions and key players necessary to effect change. These were made in summary and reported in the final session of the conference and will soon to be made available in English. Following the conference the CR delegation met with President Batbaatar Gunchin, MNUMS and Dean Chimedsuren Ochir, School of Public Health, MNUMS and elected CR Fellow about a possible agreement for future collaboration with the Collegium Ramazzini. We also met with Ochirbat Dagvadorj, Director of the Occupational Health Research Center, Ministry of Labor of Mongolia, who also expressed interest in future collaboration with the Collegium Ramazzini. The conference planning committee included co-chairs Arthur Frank and Naransukh Damiran, and Knut Ringen and Denny Dobbin.

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