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19 July 2016

The Collegium Ramazzini releases its19th Statement: A New Approach to the Control of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The Collegium Ramazzini, an international academy of 180 scientists from 35 countries, experts in environmental and occupational health, has released a new Statement entitled A New Approach to the Control of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) .

COPD is a major and growing disease world-wide that is not well-recognized and is thus under-diagnosed. It is caused by exposures to a multitude of vapors, gasses, dusts and fumes known collectively as VGDF. The Collegium Ramazzini calls on the international community of occupational and environmental safety and health professionals to adopt a new paradigm towards the recognition and prevention of occupational and non-occupational exposures to VGDFs that cause COPD. Historically this community has understated the significance of VGDF exposures other than smoking. Moreover, a paradigm has been followed which addresses VGDF risk factors on an agent-by-agent basis.

In its 19th official statement, the Collegium Ramazzini proposes a new professional paradigm to reduce occupational and non-occupational VGDF exposures that cause COPD and which recognizes that in the real world most people are exposed to a mixture of VGDFs. To successfully implement the proposed paradigm, it is necessary to have in place more scientific data, better standards, and better surveillance/monitoring. The Collegium recommends a number of actions to prevent exposures to VGDFs, improve medical care for individuals with COPD, and compensate for COPD as an occupational disease.

Other recent positions of the Collegium Ramazzini include:
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The complete collection of Collegium Ramazzini Statements may be consulted here.

Press contact:
Collegium Ramazzini
Kathryn Knowles

18 July 2016

Register for Ramazzini Days online from 18 July to 18 September

Online registration for Ramazzini Days is now open!

The event will be held Carpi, Italy beginning at 15:00 on Thursday 27 October through 15:00 on Sunday 30 October 2016. Book early to guarantee your choice of hotel accommodations.

Ground transportation will be provided from the Bologna International Airport (BLQ) and from the historical center of Bologna on the morning of Thursday 27 October. Wednesday arrivals are invited to arrange accommodations in Bologna so as to use the conference transportation from the city center the following day.

Return travel should be planned for the afternoon of Sunday 30 October or Monday 31 October. Return ground transportation will be organized on both days from Carpi to BLQ and to the historical center of Bologna.

Train travellers should plan on booking a connection all the way to Carpi (trains run from Modena centrale every 30 minutes). No transportation will be provided from the Bologna or Modena train stations.

6 June 2016

Quebec's National Assembly Recognizes Activist Kathleen Ruff

Kathleen Ruff will receive a medal of honour in Quebec's National Assembly on 9 June 2016 for her decade of work to stop Canada's asbestos trade. Kathleen received a Special Award from the Collegium Ramazzini in October 2013 to honor her steadfast and effective advocacy in the international effort to ban the ongoing use of asbestos and for promoting better occupational and environmental health protections throughout the world.
The Montreal Gazette has published an extensive feature story on Kathleen and her life's work. Read the 4 June piece Kathleen Ruff: How one single-minded activist helped turn the tide on asbestos.
The Collegium Ramazzini congratulates our friend Kathleen on this well-deserved honor.

6 June 2016

The Asian Asbestos Initiative (AAI) recognized as WHO success story

The Asian Asbestos Initiative is an international collaborative effort to eliminate asbestos use and Asbestos-Related Disease. The project targets developing countries in Asia, but also aspires to provide a model for the world.
Collegium Ramazzini Fellow and Executive Counselor Ken Takahashi served as AAI coordinator and managed a large public grant acquired during the period 2008-2014. The grant engaged researchers, administrators and NGOS as well as UN organizations such as the WHO, ILO, UNEP (RCS) and IARC. Under Ken's leadership, AAI organized international seminars for 7 consecutive years until the funding ended.
AAI was recently recognized as one of the WHO "success-stories" of the global network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Occupational Health. AAI was included in a recent WHO publication Improving workers' health around the world: Advancing the WHO global plan of action on workers' health (see pages 15-16 and 45). The Collegium Ramazzini congratulates Ken and his team at AAI for these important achievements.

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