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27-30 October 2016
Carpi, Italy

Online registration will remain open from July 18 to September 18. Questions may be directed to Conference Co-Manager Federica Scagliarini events@ramazzini.it.




Conference check-in
Hotel Touring


Welcome dinner
Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring



Scientific Session I: Ongoing studies of the Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center of the Ramazzini Institute
**In memoriam of our Founder, 15 years on**
Moderator: Fiorella Belpoggi, Italy
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

Consistency of the colony of Sprague Dawley rats from the CMCRC/RI: a suitable model for studying different endpoints in experimental toxicology
Eva Tibaldi, Italy download

The Ramazzini Institute integrated experimental design to respect the 3R rules
Fabiana Manservisi, Italy download

The Ramazzini Institute integrated project on glyphosate
Simona Panzacchi, Italy download

Conflict of Interest and the outcomes of reviews on artificially sweetened beverages: a systematic review
Daniele Mandrioli, Italy download

Comparison between the National Toxicology program carcinogenesis studies of cell phone radiofrequency radiation in Hsd Sprague Dawley® SD rats (whole body exposures) with the carcinogenesis study performed by the Ramazzini Institute on the same strain of rats.
Fiorella Belpoggi, Italy download




Scientific Session II: Asbestos lung fiber burden: the new gold standard for determining asbestos exposure and attendant health risks?
Moderators: Christine Oliver, USA and Richard Lemen, USA
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio download

Lung fiber burden analysis: technical considerations and implications
Lee Poye, USA

Determining risk for asbestos-related malignancy: malignant mesothelioma
Richard Lemen, USA download

Determining risk for asbestos-related malignancy: lung cancer
Christine Oliver, USA download

The role of the occupational/environmental history - with a focus on chrysotile exposure
Xaver Baur, Germany download

Overall implications for causal inference and the public health if lung fiber burden is accepted as the Gold Standard
Arthur Frank, USA download

The ongoing corruption of the scientific basis for attribution in asbestos-related disease: how did we get here and what can we do?
Colin Soskolne, Canada download


Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring


Scientific Session III: Work of the Fellows Oral Presentations
Moderator: Melissa McDiarmid, USA
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

Health disorders after "fume events" of aircraft crew members: facts and fiction
Astrid Heutelbeck, Lygia T.Budnik and Xaver Baur, Germany download

Liquidators of Chernobyl nuclear plant accident: 30 years after extreme occupational exposure to ionizing radiation
Aleksandra Fucic, Croatia download

Asbestos exposure-related DNA methylation markers in non-small cell lung tumors
Kirsti Husgafvel-Pursiainen, Finland

Confronting the global problem of pollution: the Lancet-GAHP-Mount Sinai Global Commission on Pollution Health and Development
Philip Landrigan, USA download

Drinking water and manganese neurotoxicity: re-establishing the guidelines
Donna Mergler, Canada download

What is known about the endocrine disrupting properties of neonicotinoid pesticides?
Melissa Perry, USA download

Occupational exposures and risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Kjell Torén, Sweden download

Emerging developmental toxicant exposures
Mary Wolff, USA download


Free time


Presentation of the Irving J. Selikoff Award to Richard Lemen, USA
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

Following the award ceremony, Maurizio Saletti and the Bentivoglio Festival Ensemble will present: "Concerti Brandeburghesi, J. S. Bach"


Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring



Council of Fellows
Town Hall of Carpi


Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring


Scientific Session IV: Work of the Fellows Attended Poster Session
Moderator: Carol Rice, USA
Loggia, Sala della Vedute

Infectious disease disaster preparedness: lessons learned from the ebola epidemic
Madelynn Azar-Cavanagh, USA

The glyphosate saga: an example of influence of unsound science and interest groups in public health decision making
Xaver Baur, Germany

Environmental and occupational exposures can enhance the non-communicable disease (NCD) risk
Lygia Budnik, Germany and Ludwine Casteleyn, Belgium

Placental epi/genomics as sensors of the in utero environment and predictors of fetal development
Jia Chen, USA

Aerotoxic Syndrome. A new occupational disease?
Vyvyan Howard and Susan Michaelis, UK

Comparative assessment of major disasters indicates the need for lifetime health care of affected populations and systematic emergency preparedness
Roberto Lucchini, USA/Italy

Minimal renal effects in uranium-exposed cohorts: Rethinking the critical organ
Melissa A McDiarmid, USA

Probable cases of neurosarcoidosis in World Trade Center first responders: is there a link between exposure and the disease?
Ismail Nabeel, USA

Respiratory effects of nitrogen trichloride
Gunnar F. Nordberg, Sweden

Are nanoTiO2 sunscreens preventing oxidative stress caused by UV irradiation?
Daniela Pelclová, Czech Republic

Pesticide interactions and risks of human sperm aberrations
Melissa Perry, USA

Gene-environment interaction in the genesis of Parkinsonism: results from a case - control study in Brescia, Italy
Donatella Placidi, Italy

Children's Environmental Health: effects of exposure to the messages of word pollution (Jihadist ideologies of hate), the media (internet) and drugs ...and so what?
Elihu Richter, Israel

Acting on health evidence: Strengthening the institutional health regulatory capacity in developing countries
Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Mexico

Environmental and occupational risk factors of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A population-based case control study
Marco Vinceti, Italy

Risk of childhood leukemia and exposure to outdoor air pollution: Updated review and dose-response meta-analysis
Marco Vinceti, Italy


Advocacy Planning for 2017
Moderator: Phil Landrigan, USA
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio


Free time


Ramazzini Award and Ramazzini Lecture
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

The 2016 Ramazzini Award will be conferred upon Arthur L. Frank (USA) for his distinguished record of occupational health and safety research as well as his advocacy and service in the promotion of better occupational safety and health in developing countries and in the international fight to ban the use of asbestos.

Ramazzini Lecture 2016
Collegiality at work: Occupational safety and health around the world
Arthur L. Frank (USA) download


Direct departure for social dinner


Social Dinner
Ristorante Il Portico



Scientific Session V: Challenges and progress in regulating chemicals download
**dedicated to Lorenzo Tomatis**
Moderators: Ludwine Casteleyn, Belgium and Philippe Grandjean, Denmark download
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

Use of available data in chemicals assessment
John Bucher and Kristina Thayer, USA download

Comparative Hazard Assessment - a pragmatic tool for decision-makers
Vyvyan Howard, UK download

International trade agreements - current discussions and future perspectives
Daniele Mandrioli, Italy download

An overview of the IARC Monographs programme's evaluations of risk factors for childhood cancer and a perspective on ongoing research
Kurt Straif, France download




Collegium Ramazzini Committee Meetings
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio


Farewell Lunch
Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring

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