Membership and Nominations


The Collegium Ramazzini is an academy whose elected Fellows are internationally distinguished, intellectually independent physicians, scientists and advocates who have devoted their professional lives to the improvement of occupational and environmental health and who have embraced the habit of truth. The Collegium has reached out to persons of integrity in every continent and its membership is representative of many nationalities. Members are nominated and elected to the organization as provided by its bylaws. Fellows in good standing with the organization are invited to nominate distinguished colleagues for membership in the Collegium Ramazzini. Candidates should have clear merits related to both scientific research and societal commitment in terms of translating science into policy. Without such merits as defined below it should be very difficult, although not impossible, to be elected to Fellowship.

Scientific Research

Scientific merit is not synonymous with the number of publications or citations, but rather the contribution to scientific progress, both directly and indirectly, as related to protection of workers against occupational risks (in particular related to occupational diseases), and to the protection of the population at large or vulnerable subgroups against environmental health risks with a view toward reducing or avoiding human suffering related to these risks. This specificity in regard to relevance is an important and distinguishing characteristic of the Collegium Ramazzini.

Societal Commitment

Societal commitment may be related to prevention in occupational and environmental health, or other crucial steps in the protection of people at risk of becoming victims of occupational/environmental conditions resulting in dysfunction, illness or death. It is not sufficient or even necessary to be member of other academic societies or organizations. The communication and translation of science are key characteristics that should be clearly described in the nomination process. Societal commitment may also consist of other human rights-related issues, in which the Universal Declaration on Human Rights is the best possible reference document for qualifying the relevance of a nominee’s societal commitment.

Diversity of Membership

Diversity is one of the defining features of the Collegium Ramazzini and the organization recognizes that the diversity of its Fellows is an important asset in fostering global collaboration in the fields of occupational and environmental health and safety. Nominations of women and of candidates from countries or regions currently underrepresented in the Collegium are strongly encouraged.

Criteria for Exclusion

Persons who have any type of links which may compromise the authenticity of their commitment to the mission of the Collegium Ramazzini do not qualify for Fellowship. Likewise, persons who have any conflict of interest that may negatively affect his or her impartiality as a researcher should not be nominated for Fellowship.

Procedure for Nomination

The nominating Fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini should have sufficient first-hand knowledge of the nominee to be able to personally submit a detailed letter of support addressing the above criteria, together with the CV of the candidate and the name of another Collegium Ramazzini Fellow who seconds the nomination. The nominating Fellow should also do all that is reasonable to verify the full transparency of the candidate that he or she presents for nomination.

Nominations should be sent electronically to the General Secretariat at collegiumramazzini[at]gmail.com by August 15 of each year for consideration at the October annual meeting of the Executive Council. Nominations are considered valid for a period of 3 years; updated information about the candidate may be submitted on an annual basis.

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