Training courses

Among the Collegium Ramazzini's objectives is the organization of training courses to advance research and practice in occupational and environmental health, focused in particular on the developing world. Recent examples of this activity include two courses on safety and engineering organized by Fellows Dr. Elihu Richter (Israel) and Dr. T.K. Joshi (India) in New Dehli, India in January 2004. Also in 2004, Fellow Ziao-lin Xia (China) organized a week-long series of training courses on Industrial and Occupational Carcinogenesis in Shanghai, China with the participation of Secretary General Dr. Morando Soffritti (Italy). In March 2006, Fellow Raul Harari (Ecuador) is organized a course and conference in Quito, Ecuador entitled "Salud Ocupacional e Ambiental: Emergencias en Paises in Desarrollos", focusing on occupational and environmental health problems in Latin America, with special emphasis on the problems of child labor. The conference, also supported by the International Labour Organization and the Organisacion Panamericana del la Salud, represented the first time that the work of the Collegium is presented in Ecuador and is an important step toward further developing the Collegium in South America.

The Collegium Ramazzini has also sponsored a number of Science Writers Colloquia in an effort to better educate international journalists about the topics of occupational and environmental health.

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