January 6th 2014

CR to provide safety and health awareness training to improve working conditions in the garment, tannery and construction industries of Bangladesh

Dhaka Community Hospital and Collegium Ramazzini, with assistance from the International Social Security Association (ISSA), propose to undertake a training of Bangladeshi public health and medical practitioners, business and labor leaders, related NGOs and others interested in evidence-based protection of the health of Bangladeshi workers and their families with practical tools they need to seek improvements, especially in the high risk Textile/Garment-making, Tanneries, and Construction Sectors. This training course will be held in Dhaka on Feb. 24-26, 2014

This training comes in response to local requests for intervention to begin to correct the deplorable safety and health conditions in these industries, which were highlighted by the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment plant in April 2013.

The outcome will be the development of a consensus-based action plan that local practitioners can implement. The training is expected to be followed by - and feed into - a larger international conference being convened by ISSA/ILO in October focusing on strengthening the policy foundations for sustainable work and development in Bangladesh, which will reinforce the action plan.

Questions may be directed to CR Fellow Ronald Dobbin at rddobbin@att.net



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