February 8th 2021

Conducting Evaluations of Evidence that are Transparent, Timely and Lead to Health-Protective Actions.

This is a workshop being organized by two CR Fellows – Jennifer Sass and David Gee – with a number of other CR fellows making presentations and participating.  

Feb 8-11, 2021, daily from EST 10 AM to 1 PM

Summary - Well-intentioned and well-qualified scientists have often evaluated the same evidence on hazardous agents very differently causing confusion amongst policymakers, politicians, and the public as well as controversies between scientists, as the response to the COVID-19 virus demonstrates. To understand what explains the divergent evaluations, and how to minimize unnecessary divergence and render evaluations them more transparent, consistent, and supportive of timely action we would like to invite you to a four-day workshop.  The workshop is FREE. If you’d like to attend any of the four days please view the Agenda and register online here: https://bit.ly/3qJ81KF

Workshop Agenda



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