Ramazzini Days

Ramazzini Days 2006

Annual Ramazzini Days 2006
“Globalization and North South Disparities”
28-29 October 2006
Carpi, Italy

Schedule of Events

Saturday 28 October 2006

Morning session, Town Hall, Carpi
9:00 Council of Fellows Part I: Statutory Meeting (closed session)
10:30 Coffee Break

Lunch, Ristorante Blu di Belloni & Belloni

Afternoon Session, Former Convent of San Rocco, Carpi
14:30 Council of Fellows Part II: Planning for the Future (closed session)
15:30 Coffee Break and Work of the Fellows Poster Session A

Scientific Conference: Globalization and North South Disparities
16:00 Session I (Chairs: Philip Landrigan, Brigitte Froneberg)
  • Opening Remarks, Philip Landrigan
  • Work for Fair Globalization: Universal Services Provision for Occupational Health, Jorma Rantanen
  • Technology, Globalization and Sustainability: Co-Optimizing Competitiveness, Employment, and Environment Through Technological Change and Trade, Nicholas A. Ashford
17:30 Work of the Fellows Poster Session B

Evening Session, Former Convent of San Rocco, Carpi
18:00 Presentation of the Annual Ramazzini Award and Ramazzini Lectures
  • Health Surveillance of Construction Workers: A Mobile Work Force at High Risk, Anders Englund
  • The Iron Grip of Latency, Hans-Joachim Woitowitz
Participant Dinner, Ristorante Cacciatore

Sunday 29 October 2006

Scientific Conference: Globalization and North South Disparities, Former Convent of San Rocco, Carpi
9:00 Session II (Chairs: Philippe Grandjean, Raúl Harari)
  • Poverty, sustainable development and chemical safety: IFCS V Conclusions and recommendations, Lilian Corra download
  • International migration, work and health, Brigitte Fronenberg download
  • Towards globalization of a dual approach to occupational safety and health?, Karel van Damme download
  • The WHO Global Action Plan on Workers Health 2007-2015, Ivan Ivanov
10:00 Coffee Break

10:30 Session III (Chairs: Arthur Frank, Melissa McDiarmid)
  • The current situation of asbestos production, use and regulation, Tushar Joshi (Barry Castleman) download
  • Epidemiological studies on the effects of asbestos in Brazil and other developing countries, Benedetto Terracini download
  • Silicosis and coal worker's lung in China, Sverre Langard download
  • Pesticides and Neurodevelopmental Toxicity, Philip Landrigan download
  • Sweatshop industrialization and labor conditions in East Asia, Marina Thorborg
  • Aspartame: new data on carcinogenicity, Morando Soffritti download
  • Global knowledge management, Philippe Grandjean download
12:15 Session IV (Chairs: Morando Soffriti, Karel van Damme)
  • The way forward, Raúl Harari download
  • Plenum discussion on future Collegium Ramazzini Commitment and Action, Arthur Frank, moderator
  • Conference Closing, Philip Landrigan
Farewell Lunch, Ristorante Blu di Belloni & Belloni

Cultural activities for spouses and guests will be planned for Saturday morning and early afternoon during the closed sessions..