Ramazzini Days

Ramazzini Days 2007

25th Anniversary of the Collegium Ramazzini

25-28 October 2007
Carpi, Italy

Schedule of Events


18:00 Meeting of the Collegium Ramazzini Executive Council (closed session)
Hotel Touring Conference Room
20:30 Welcome Dinner for Fellows of the Collegium Ramazzini
Ristorante Belloni & Belloni, Hotel Touring


8:30-12:30 Spouses/guests half-day tour of authentic balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese production facilities (optional)

Jubilee Session I: The Collegium’s Past
Sala dei Mori, Palazzo dei Pio

9:00-10:00 Jubilee Opening Address
Our origins and our victories: from the Master of Carpi to Bentivoglio
-Philip Landrigan, USA & Morando Soffritti, Italy

10:00-11:00 a. Continuing challenges in occupational health
Co-chairs: Eula Bingham, USA & Harri Vainio, Finland

Comparative risk and impact assessment for occupational and environmental health
-Jung-Der Wang, Taiwan download

Environment and health in children at school beside a flower plantation in Ecuador
-Raul Harari, Ecuador download

Benzene carcinogenicity: industry vs. science
-Myron Mehlman, USA download

11:00-11:30 Work of the Fellows Poster Session A with coffee
Chair: Carol Rice, USA

11:30-12:30 b. Continuing challenges in occupational health
Co-chairs: Petar Bulat, Serbia & Daniela Pelclovà, Czech Republic

Reproductive health and work - from research to protection
-Helena Taskinen, Finland download

A century of miner's phthisis on the South African goldmines: any end in sight?
-Rodney Ehrlich, South Africa download

Occupational Health practice in India
-Tushar Kant Joshi, India download

Participant Lunch
Catered onsite

Jubilee Session II: The Collegium Present
Sala dei Mori, Palazzo dei Pio

14:00-15:30 c. Recent advances
Co-chairs: John Froines, USA & Anna Tompa, Hungary

Environmental mutagens and possibilities for prevention
-Wagida Anwar, Egypt

The use of genomic technologies in assessing gene-environment interactions: implications for occupational health
-David Christiani, USA download

European network on human biomonitoring (HBM)
-Marek Jakubowski, Poland download

Characterization of exposure in a “hot spot” for air toxics: a measurement and modeling approach that can improve epidemiological and other health investigations with locally high levels of air pollution
-Paul Lioy, USA download

15:30-16:00 Work of the Fellows Poster Session B with coffee
Chair: Melissa McDiarmid, USA


d. Tracking emerging hazards
Co-chairs: Nikolai Izmerov, Russian Federation & Vito Foà, Italy

Scientific sentinels: what should constitute minimal scientific evidence for identifying substantial public health problems?
-Carl Cranor, USA download

The seven deadly sins and the precautionary virtues
-Philippe Grandjean, Denmark download;link to article

The secret war on cancer
-Devra Davis, USA download

A toolkit for epidemiological enquiry under global ecological change
-Colin Soskolne, Canada download

Migration and workers’ health: a methodological challenge
-Jacobo Finkleman, Mexico download

Private guided visit of museum of Carpi
Palazzo dei Pio

20:00 Participant Dinner
Ristorante Belloni & Belloni, Hotel Touring


9:00-13:00 Council of Fellows Statutory Session (closed session)
Town Hall of Carpi

13:30 Participant Lunch
Ristorante Belloni & Belloni, Hotel Touring

Jubilee Session III: Environmental and Occupational Origins
of Common Complex Diseases

Sala dei Mori, Palazzo dei Pio

15:00-15:30 Introduction by Phil Landrigan, USA

Keynote Presentation by David Schwartz, USA
Chief, Laboratory of Environmental Lung Disease, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and NIH Scientific Advisor on Environmental Health download

15:30-17:30 Scientific Sessions
Co-chairs: David Hoel, USA & Peter Wardenbach, Germany

a. Cancer

Colorectal cancer: not just a western disease
-Massimo Crespi, Italy download

The Ecnis (environmental cancer risk, nutrition and individual susceptibility) network of excellence - in the fight against environmental cancer
-Konrad Rydzynski, Poland download

New carcinogenicity data on aspartame and the need to revaluate available data on intense artificial sweeteners
-Morando Soffritti, Italy download

b. Neurodegenerative disease

The contribution of environmental lead and tobacco exposure to child and adolescent psychopathology
-Bruce Lanphear, USA download

The Parkinson disease discovery project
-Phil Landrigan, USA

c. Chronic Respiratory disease

Exposure to gases and fumes increase the mortality from pneumonia
-Kjell Torén, Sweden download

Occupational Bronchiolitis Obliterans (b.o.) in food flavoring
-Nachman Brautbar, USA download

d. Cardiovascular disease

Workplace interventions and changing patterns of cardiovascular disease
-Martin Cherniack, USA download

17:30-19:00 Free time to prepare for the Jubilee Gala Celebration

19:00-20:00 Presentation of the Ramazzini Award
and Ramazzini Lecture
  Fuels: a persistent threat to public health
-Fiorella Belpoggi, Italy download

20:30 Jubilee Gala Dinner
Villa Fondo Tagliata, Mirandola

Jubilee Session IV: The Collegium’s Future
Sala dei Mori, Palazzo dei Pio


a. Strategies for short term action
Facilitator: Karel Van Damme, Belgium

b. Priority topics for Collegium Statements
Facilitator: Steven Markowitz, USA

c. Training future scientists and the next generation of Fellows
Facilitator: Carol Rice, USA

12:00-12:30 Jubilee Closing Remarks

-Myron Mehlman, USA
Co-founder, Collegium Ramazzini

-Phil Landrigan, USA
President, Collegium Ramazzini


Farewell Lunch
Ristorante Belloni & Belloni, Hotel Touring

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