The Collegium Ramazzini is funded by annual dues paid by its members. The Collegium's Bylaws state that “each member shall pay such annual dues as the Council of Fellows shall determine payable in advance of the second day of each January. Such dues, at the discretion of the Treasurer and President, may be waived or taken in services to the Collegium”.

Collegium Ramazzini conferences and events are sponsored by a numerous public and private entities. Major institutional sponsors of recent Collegium meetings include: National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, USA; Centers for Disease Control, USA; National Cancer Institute, USA; European Environment Agency, Denmark; Environmental Protection Agency, USA; ARPA Emilia Romagna, Italy and the American Cancer Society, USA.

The Treasury of the Collegium Ramazzini also manages the Irving J. Selikoff Endowment, created by the bequest of Dr. Selikoff as provided in his last will and testament. Funds received from Dr. Selikoff's estate are deposited in interest-bearing investment or trust accounts in federally-insured banking institutions or invested in interest-bearing obligations. Income from these investments is used to provide funds for a Selikoff Award and Lecture, to be given at least biannually, to a scientist or humanist whose studies and scientific achievements contributed to the protection of worker's health.

Join the Collegium Ramazzini 2023 Conference

Bologna, from 22 to 25 October 2023