July 4th 2019

Collegium Ramazzini endorses The 2019 Aircraft Cabin Air Conference

The Collegium Ramazzini is very pleased to announce that it once again is endorsing the International aircraft cabin air conference being held in London this September.

Following on from the success of the 2017 Aircraft Cabin Air Conference, the 2019 conference will be an essential two day event. Providing excellent networking opportunities for those seeking to understand the subject of contaminated air, the flight safety implications, the latest scientific and medical evidence investigating the contaminated air debate and the solutions available to airlines and aircraft operators. This international conference mapping the implications of exposure, the business, regulatory and technical solutions to aircraft cabin air contamination, will be the most in-depth conference ever held on this topic.

The conference is being held at Imperial College London on 17-18 September, 2019.

A 20% discount code is available to all Collegium Ramazzini members. Apply the following code CollegiumRamazzini202019 at checkout during the registration process.

Further conference information: www.aircraftcabinair.com

This is a very important topic that is relevant to all Collegium Ramazzini fellows as 1) you all likely fly and 2) this has been a long lasting problem dealing with the design of aircraft air supplies that were implemented in the early 1950s, remaining unresolved to date. Exposure is occurring on all flights, with an occupational health problem being increasingly reported.



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